50+ Heart Touching Merry Christmas Poems 2023 to Celebrate the Feast of Nativity

If you are fond of reading emotional poems in the meantime of Christmas celebration, our riveting compilation of merry Christmas poems 2023, funny Christmas poems, and Christmas poems for kids and family will move your heart for sure. The feelings we have when the Christmas festival arrives are inexplicable in words but worth savoring a million times. We all want to express our deepest emotions and the innermost feelings to loved ones on the occasion of the Christmas festival but either falls short of words or hesitate to express. Sending original and hand-written merry Christmas poems to your near and dear ones is one surefire way to get rid of the frustration of expression and convey your heartfelt message.

Jotting down original Merry Christmas poems can boggle your mind as it takes time and is quite a daunting task. That’s why QWM has created some of the most sentimental, creative, and original, happy Christmas poems 2023 that rhyme well with everyone’s mood and can also make everyone laugh with the quirkiness factor in them.

Inspirational Christmas Poems 2023

The beautiful Christmas holiday,
Makes all of us happy and fine,
You shouldn’t hold yourself back during celebration,
Tis the season of dine and wine.

The real joy of Christmas,
Lies in giving not taking from others,
It is the only joy that increases by leaps and bounds,
When you give it as much as you can to others.

Inspirational Christmas Poems 2023 with Images | Motivational Short Christmas Poems

Christmas is not just one day festival,
It is a feeling that remains throughout the year,
Christmas teaches us loving, sharing, caring,
And to also make us believe that the magic of companionship is real.

The striking of Christmas bells,
Evokes joy and excitement in hearts of everyone,
It embarks the peak of winter season,
And the peace, love, and happiness for all.

Christmas, with its arrival
Also bring good luck and good time,
The festival fills all hearts,
With love, glitter, and peppy vibes.

Christmas is more than a festival,
It’s more than about jingle bells and snowflakes,
It’s more than about Santa Claus and gifts,
It’s about hope, companionship, and sharing.

An untold Christmas song is always in the air,
That spreads cheerfulness everywhere,
It, sometime, sparks the holy light in heart,
Bring serenity in life and illumination in vibes.

Life comprises both good and evil,
The source of both happiness and sadness,
Indeed, it is no less than a miracle like Christmas,
Where we witness virgin birth of a boy.

We all need a perfect Christmas song,
That wakes up us from the deep sleep,
And to remind all of us,
A saviour can also emerge from peace.

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Cute Christmas Poems for Kids 2023 | Modern Christmas Poems for Kids

In the loomy, dark, and Cold Christmas night,
I wait for Santa to arrive with gifts,
Laying in my bed and dreaming a lot,
The hope for the glittering next day to arrive.

No diamond shinier than Jesus,
No water cleaner than aura of Jesus,
No air purer than the thoughts of Jesus,
No love greater than the love of Jesus.

Cute Christmas Poems for Kids | Modern Christmas Poems for Kids

Peace on earth will spread,
Every day, every hour, every second,
If we forget about all trivial things that divide us,
And start living Christmas every single day.

I just love to eat the Christmas cake,
And licking every bit out of the cake pan,
But as the Christmas festival is far away,
Can’t do anything except to wait.

The funny thing about Christmas festival,
It comes and go in a blink of an eye,
But that’s how life functions,
So I focus more on cake and pizza pie.

The Christmas is about to being,
And the excitement of celebration is all time high,
I just want to eat all the Christmas cake,
Without getting fat and all the gifts only mine.

We all feel mirthful when the Christmas is near,
It is indeed the best day of the year,
Christmas brings holiness and a new charm in life,
It makes you go out and breathe the lovely vibes.

I eagerly wait for Christmas every year,
As Santa comes and shower gifts,
And the reindeer residing up and watching everything,
When hear the jingle bells, get so frisk.

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Funny Christmas Poems 2023

Falling in love with Christmas festival,
It’s so easy and cliche,
The real fun begins,
When you wine like skunk and wiggle with babes on the beach.

Tonight, when the Santa hops on my house,
I will welcome him with whisky and wine,
The moment he gets little tipsy,
I will do his job and make all the kids cry.

Funny Christmas Poems 2023

When it comes to Christmas gifts,
The only two I get are thank you and hugs,
So I have decided to return the gift’s favor,
With my shitty under in my dirty coffee mugs.

If Christmas is all about Children and Santa,
What It has stored for an adult like me,
It only suggest me one thing,
I must got to my office and work like a donkey.

The dream of luxurious Christmas celebration,
Is still a dream for me,
But who cares if you don’t get what you want,
I still have a soft pillow to bury my face and cry like a fifi.

I took a piece of chocolate cake,
It tasted so mummy,
And I ate all the remaining piece,
Thanks for adjusting them, my big juicy tummy.

Whether you believe in Santa,
Or don’t believe in Santa,
There is one thing quite sure to happen on Christmas,
We all will get fooled again and look like a dumb Santa Claus.

I have heard numerous times that,
Christmas brings luck and heavy snowfall,
Then why I have so much bills on my doorstep,
And loads of pigeon shit on my car.

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Christmas Love Poems 2023

Whose love; my love, thy love;
it is our love;
I wish you happy Christmas my love.

Bliss, blessed; we are and we have;
you have me, I have you;
none we need, none we care;
it’s our journey, only we fair;
wishing you happy very Christmas my love.

Christmas Love Poems 2023

See in my eyes, see in yours;
we find each oher;
and no more;
wishing you merry Christmas my love.

Between you and me who could come;
even God has blessed us;
we are eternal lovers; immortal;
wishing you awesome lovely Christmas my love.

Not you betray me, not I betray you;
you in me, I in you;
you and I’ll be forever and ever;
distances between you and me just has increased our love;
I wish you merry Christmas my love.

Beside you, by the side of you;
love you, always with you;
never deny you, always accept you;
fight you but love you;
without you; none, we;
wishing you lovely happy Christmas.

Up, rise, never get down;
in love, everything is surprise; everythin is rise;
we have differences but it our uniqueness;
wishing you love and happy christmas darling.

I take you to great mountains;
from there I proclaim my love;
I take to see, from deep down;
I proclaim my love;
you just take me in your heart;
I always live in you;
wishing you happy Christmas my love.

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Christmas Tree Poems 2023

Green, starry, luminous;
hang there my stocking promising;
may lot of gifts come when Santa come with Rudolph howling;
merry Christmas!

Mom, papa; would we a little Christmas tree;
we put in the center of home;
where Santa ever be;
may clean the chimney and all;
may Rudolp not slid;
happy Christmas to all;
may Jesus give us bliss.

Christmas Tree Poems 2023

Take it green, hang in all there;
with my wishes and dreams;
may all come with little surprises;
hey Santa you fulfill all, I decorate your sleigh; then it never bays;
wishing happy Christmas!

Lights, candles all I light;
on this Christmas tree benign;
apples and chocolates look great on it;
may I taste a bit;
wishing everyone happy Christmas.

It looks so beautiful;
candles on it look like stars in the sky lit;
all the imagination, it was of Martin Luther;
when he see in the sky stars twinkling amidst green;
wishing everyone happy Christmas.

Christmas tree bring prosperity;
love and parity;
those who light it; rarirty
thanks to Germans who first light;
because of them whole world light;
merry christmas to everyone.

Poor and rich all light this sacred Christmas tree;
but they never fight;
all live in prosperity;
Jesus says;
everyone year he comes to remind you this;
but you people don’t say;
all evil and bad, Christmas tree put away;
wishing everyone happy birthday of Jesus Christ;
merry Chritmas so fine.

Light a candle; put an apple;
decorate it with elves and reindeers;
invite Santa Claus;
have dinner and in greetings gifts; rose;
wishing you happy Christmas in verse and prose.

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Merry Christmas Poems for family

Without a family, what Christmas is;
no celebration is ever bliss;
this and that all you do;
without family nothing feel new;
may your all family get together;
you celebrate Christmas with all fervors.

Mummy come, Papa come;
brothers and sisters all come;
have a dinner and have a party;
with champagne and red rum;
it is winter here, it is Christmas here;
all we dance, it is glitter here, it is chritmas here.

Merry Christmas Poems for family

Crack a joke, make a joke;
lights candles, welcome Jesus;
he is coming again to guide you;
every year he comes, why you hide you;
may this Christmas bring all you wish;
happy christmas;
without family nothing is bliss.

Neighbours; you come too;
you are our family and close too;
with you we talk, with you we eat;
withotu you what this Christmas greet;
wishing everyone Christmas;
we all love you.

Arms in arms, hands in hands;
may we walk together but never bend;
no dent come; may always be in Jesus’ shelter;
may food and wine all day come;
nothing is empty;
we all family hum;
may you all celebrate Christmas with family firmly;
may Jesus bring all that never come.

Never you cry, nor you weep;
celebrate Christmas with bliss and greet;
may you call whoever you want to;
family friends all you want to;
get together, sing and dance;
have party, have blast;
wishing you merry Christmas everlasting.

Day and night I pray to have a good family;
nothing breaks it, nothing it broken by;
we all live in strength, we all live in harmony by;
On Christmas Eve, none deny;
we all together; that’s why;
Christmas bring all together.

No family, no fun;
everything is in family;
everything from it, everything by it;
everything of it;
without family; you, nothing a bit;
may respect fanily forever;
all God’s blessing forever;
Happy Christmas.

We, you, he, she, it, they;
we all are a family; never at bay;
wishing every family member;
happy Christmas;
may you understand the importance of family;
may you never get away;
happy Christmas.

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How do you like all these Christmas poems 2023? So far we know we have written all original, nothing copied, all unique and original. And it is a guarantee you never find such beautiful Christmas love poem anywhere on the internet. All the Christmas pomes that we have written are some of the best poems around. Even Santa Claus like it and say us to write some lines for it. Christmas is approaching near, just a few months away. Everyone is preparing for it. This year Christmas means a lot. These poems you write in Christmas greeting cards and gift to whoever you want to. Even you can put them on social media and on whatsapp. The Christmas poems 2023 that we have written are cool and trendy, spiritual and religious and a bit historical too. You would like them all. As I have always said there is nothing better in this world than a poem. It transcends you and rise you high. You always read a poem loud. Let the whole world listen and let them profound. Share and post and give credit. Happy Merry Christmas! All the best Christmas pomes 2023 above for you.

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