60+ Merry Christmas Wishes for Sister & Sister-in-Law 2023

Christmas Wishes for Sister: The thrill and fun of Christmas increase a multitude of times when you celebrate it with the person you consider as the dearest. For a brother, that dearest person is his elder or younger sister. A brother and a sister shares countless memories from childhood to the day both get married and commence the new phase of life. Sharing everything and spending time together on and apart from festivals create ever-lasting memories for both brothers and sisters and make their bond adorable and strong. Christmas is on the verge of arrival and you must prepare to wish your sibling in a unique and exemplary way. Here are the most touching merry Christmas wishes for sister and sweet Christmas messages for sister-in-law that will make the celebration a lot more frisky and wonderful.

Merry Christmas Wishes for Sister

Merry Christmas to the world’s most irritating yet cutest sister in the world. I don’t love to have you around but I can’t live without you either. God bless you and enjoy crazily!

I hate to break it to you but you are indeed a street smart and beautiful girl. I can only praise you that much. Let’s stop fighting and celebrate Christmas together in an exhilarating way. Merry Christmas, sister!

So what if you are the youngest member of the family, I won’t share my Christmas presents, sweets, and the extra shower of affection of parents with you. But I can wish you happy Christmas with heaps of love and blessings!

Dear Sister, you are way more mature and sensible than your age. You are that string that keeps the family bind under all circumstances. I just want to tell you that you are never alone and you are a lucky charm for us. Merry Christmas to the heart and soul of this family!

Merry Christmas Wishes for Sister

Even though If I give you all the splendid gifts and lavish surprises of the world, I would still feel I have given less because you deserve all the happiness of the universe. I love you sister and Merry Christmas!

More than intolerable brother-sister, we are die-hard friends and the best partner in crimes one can have. I wish the Christmas festival drives all the cheer and happiness of the world in your life. Merry Christmas to the best sister in the world!

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We are poles apart personalities when it comes to thinking and living but we have really carved some of the most entrancing and wonderful memories by celebrating so many festivals together. May your dreams get wings. Merry Christmas, lovely sister!

I still remember those days when we used to get Christmas vacations and how excitedly we prepare for the Christmas festival swiftly. Admit it or not, the real fun of the Christmas festival can be taken when you are a little child. Love you sis and merry Christmas!

Years have passed and years will pass, the way we celebrate Christmas and create and treasure memories together will remain the same forever. Celebrating Christmas with you is outrageous fun and you are the biggest blessing of my life. Merry Christmas, sister!

May the season of holiness, snowflakes, and glittering celebration steer your life in the right direction shows all the types of happiness a person can experience in your life. May Jesus bless you with His grace and merry Christmas!

In very simple words I want to say May you always be happy in your life dear sister. Your happiness is more important to me than anything. Wishing you enjoyable Christmas!

You are my cutest and dearest sister. May none and nothing harm you! Enjoy this Christmas and make your day unforgettable. Happy Christmas!

You are the only one person in my life for whom I can do anything. May you always have wealth of everything what you desire! Happy Christmas sister and love you!

May you always remain healthy and sound! May you forever enjoy Christmas with family and friends! Wishing you happy Christmas and love dear sister!

You are the most wonderful woman in my life. May God always bless you! From the bottom of my heart wishing you happy Christmas my beautiful sister!

You always have been a great support for me sister. I am always there for you if you ever need me. May stars always shine in your life! Wishing you happy Christmas cutest sister!

May you go above the sky in your career! May you get the recognization you want! Wishing you happy Christmas and abundance sister!

May you find a perfect life partner in your life who always loves you without any reason! Wishing you happy Christmas sister!

You are a very cheerful girl who always spread joy in everyone’s life. May the sparkle of joy forever be there for you! Wishing you celebration of Christmas in your life dear sister!

May nothing you lose in your life whom you love most whether things and people! I love you. Happy Christmas my lovely sister!

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Merry Christmas Messages for Sister

I clearly remember the nights before Christmas festivals you used to sleep with so much excitement and end up crying in the morning because you never got any gifts from Santa. Sis, You don’t have to wait for Santa anymore because your brother is more than capable enough to give you everything. Merry Christmas, my little pumpkin!

No one can decorate the house on Christmas as you do. No one can make a scrumptious Christmas cake as you can. And no one can mesmerize our Christmas celebration as you can. Undeniably, you are the soul of our Christmas celebration. Merry Christmas my little champion and god bless you!

I hate to give you compliments but your smile is way brighter than the entire Christmas decoration of our house. May you keep smiling and shining in life. Merry Christmas to my badass sister!

To my sister who is precious to me more than anything else, may the magical and riveting vibes of the Christmas festival stays with you forever. Merry Christmas to you with all the greetings of the world!

Merry Christmas Messages for Sister

Wishing my sweeter than chocolate, spicier than chili, and colder than spine-chilling Christmas season weather a very mirthful and hopeful Christmas. May the melodious sound of jingle eradicates all the negativity from your life. Merry Christmas!

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As you already have more than anyone else, I am sending you my blissful and warm wishes on the exhilarating festival of Christmas. You make the Christmas celebration interesting and remarkable!

All the wisdom, skills, and experiences you have acquired over the years are far more valuable than golds and diamonds you crave for. Be focused on your vision and celebrate Christmas with little tipsiness!

Even if all the angels of heaven come down to earth, their collective beauty and brains will fall short in front of you. I am intrigued by the purity of your heart and the innocence of your nature. I wish you a Merry Christmas, my perfect sister!

Not only you are the most special kid among all the brothers and sisters but also you are the beloved of all the elders and younger. You are the most integral part of our Christmas celebration because you know well how to jazz up any celebration. Merry Christmas to my super special sister!

I haven’t much appreciated your sisterly love and all the help you have extended on a timely basis. But I will always be there to motivate, love, and inspire you whenever you need me. I wish a mirthful Christmas to the prettiest sister in the world!

Enjoy Christmas with family and love ones. Eat what you like and love what you do. May this year Christmas bring you everything what you want! Happy Christmas sister!

Life is celebration, and May this Christmas bring you the same! You are good at heart and always be. May Jesus listen you forever! Happy Christmas dear sister!

May Santa bring you the gifts you want! May he give you what you want and take you on ride! In your live you always receive the abundance of gifts of your choice. Happy Christmas dear sister!

Eat a lot of cake and cookies. Dance and party with friends and family. May you forever enjoy your life as you want! Wishing you happy Christmas my cutest sister!

As bird flies in the sky free of weight, May you also! Happy Christmas my awesome sister! Light candles in church and in your life also. 

Christmas is the preparation for New Year beginnings. That’s why it comes first. May you prepare well for your future! May it hold you tight and true! Happy Christmas my lovely sister!

Cheerfulness and serenity always be in your life. May you always receive the blessings! Always walk the path of truth. May every day be the festivity in your life as Christmas! Happy Christmas dear sister!

To you, your husband and little children, I wish you happy Christmas with lots of love, wealth and health. May you and your family forever be safe and sound! Happy Christmas dearest sister!

May no tear and sadness come in your life! Every Christmas bring your lots of blessings! Happy Christmas my wonderful sister!

I always love you and will be. Take care of yourself and go ahead in your life. Every Christmas be a full of joy and celebration in your life. Happy Christmas my beautiful sister!

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Merry Christmas Greetings for Sister

Yes, Christmas comes once a year but my adorable sister stands firm with me during all the calms and hurricanes. I don’t know what would I have been doing without you? Happy Christmas to my dearest sister!

Till yet, I have spent all the Christmas holidays with you but this year will be completely different. I won’t be with my lovely sister to share all the fun and friskiness of the Christmas festival. However, I wish you Merry Christmas with all the luck!

Merry Christmas Greetings for Sister

All the excitement, fun, and happiness of the Christmas celebration would behalf if you weren’t with us to celebrate it. I am so lucky to have you as my big sister who saves me from troubles all the time. Merry Christmas, sister!

Christmas is on the cusp of arrival and I can already sense the festive vibes, love, magic, and sisterly affection in the air. Let’s brace up for a blasting Christmas celebration and a long week of celebration. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

The exorbitant Christmas gifts and swanky parties don’t attract me as much as the precious company of my little sister on Christmas. I love celebrating and spending every moment of Christmas with you only. Merry Christmas to my little teddy bear!

Beauty and wealth, May never get less in your life! Happiest Christmas my dearest sister!

As Christmas tree remains forever green and full of stars, gifts and candies, May your life be so! Wishing you happy Christmas sister!

May angels of night come in your life and bless you and bring you fruits! Wishing you happiest Christmas ever my good sister!

You swim in the ocean of laugh and togetherness. May you always eat the food of your good karmas! Wishing you happy Christmas sister!

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Merry Christmas Wishes for Sister in Law

You fulfill the dearth of a chirpy and bubbly sister in my life. Thank you for adding colors and vivaciousness to every moment of my life. Merry Christmas to my adorable sister-in-law!

It is bone-crunching cold outside but my heart and head can feel all the warmth of your love and affection. Sending special wishes draped in care and concern to my beautiful sister-in-law. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Wishes for Sister in Law

May the inevitable and holy season of Christmas fill your life with merriment, unleash your hidden potential, and bombard you with happening and unexpected surprises. Merry Christmas to the sweetest sister-in-law!

Dear sister-in-law, your arrival in this family has made every day of this house no less than a Christmas festival. You are truly lucky for us and you are super special for us in so many ways. Wishing Merry Christmas to the best sister-in-law in the world!

Wishing lovely Christmas and a happy new year to the coolest member of this family. You are the brightest as well as the most twinkling star of the family. Your absence in any celebration means the loss of a lot of happening memories!

Wishing you happy Christmas and love dear sister in law! Enjoy Christmas to full jest and with festivity. May you always be loved and blessed! Happy Christmas!

May you have good luck and good destiny always! Wishing you happy Christmas dear sister in law!

You are sister in law but like a real sister to me. May no single droplet of tear come from your eyes! Wishing happy Christmas!

May all your works get done on the right time and as you want! Wishing you happy Christmas sister in law! Be blessed!

Your presence always brings joy in our life. May darkness never come to your life! Wishing you happy Christmas dearest sister in law!